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Attractions around South Africa

  • North West Attractions  ( 11 items )
    The North West is known as the Platinum Province because of the abundance of platinum mines and its production in this area of South Africa. Mafikeng is the regional capital and was the scene of the famous siege during the Anglo-Boer War, which ended in a decisive victory for the British and made a hero of Robert Baden-Powell.The province’s best known and world famous attraction is the Sun City entertainment complex, which boasts a casino, an 18-hole golf course, theatres and concert halls, man-made beaches and a wave pool at the Valley of the Waves.

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    While the Northern Cape covers the largest area of any of South Africa’s provinces it is the least populated, so for a true feeling of escaping it all this is the place to visit. The Orange River is a distinct feature of the province and certainly a key sustaining factor in the livelihood of the people who inhabit this region. From the aridity of the plains of the Northern Cape intrepid farmers have successfully made a living from lucerne, dates, cotton and grapes.Bustling towns and villages are dotted along the mighty Orange River, with tourism being a cornerstone of the livelihood of many.

  • Limpopo Attractions  ( 13 items )
    For space, serenity, and wide open African skies, Limpopo province in the North East of South Africa cannot be beaten. This province is blessed with an abundance of scenic beauty and natural attractions.Limpopo is the most northern of South Africa’s nine provinces, with Polokwane as the regional capital, and is a preferred destination for local and international leisure and adventure seekers alike. It can well be used as a springboard into other Southern African countries as it shares a border with Botswana in the west, Mozambique on the east and Zimbabwe in the north.

  • Free State Attractions  ( 14 items )
    The Free State province of South Africa is aptly known as the bread basket of the country with 70% of SA’s grain being produced in its environs. It is a rural province of wide open golden plains, populated in places by plain game such as Wildebees and Springbok. Bloemfontein, as well as being the regional capital, is the judicial capital of South Africa. While this province is the 3rd largest of SA’s 9 provinces, it is the second least inhabited so if escaping the madding crowds is your idea of heaven on earth than the Free State province is worth a visit.

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    You will be hard pressed to find a more magnificent area in the whole world than that encapsulated by the borders of Mpumalanga province in South Africa. Rivers, mountain passes, lowveld, valleys, forests, and so much more is on offer in this Paradise Province. This part of South Africa is best described as Big Game Territory because of the sheer abundance of natural wildlife that calls the area home. Nelspruit is the capital of the province that’s name translates to ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ from SiSwati, the regional language.

  • Gauteng Attractions  ( 13 items )
    Though this province is the smallest in South Africa, it is the most densely populated and it is a truly urban province. The name means Place of Gold in the regional language of seSotho; so named because of the abundance of gold that has been mined in this area of South Africa for many decades. The success of these mining operations laid the foundation for Johannesburg (affectionately known as Jozi), the capital city of the Gauteng province, to being the economic powerhouse of the country, if not the entire African continent.
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    Home of the world famous city of Cape Town, the Western Cape is truly a province of diversity: geographically, historically, culturally, and simply magnificently, it is no wonder that the Western Cape draws more tourists than any other region of South Africa.The Western Cape is home to beautiful beaches, a highly successful and historical wine industry, mountains, plenty of sunshine, and a great diversity of local people who are bound to make you feel more than welcome in whichever city or town you visit.

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    The Eastern Cape province is home to a city known, in equal measures, as the Friendly City and the Windy City – also known as Port Elizabeth: the perfect base from which to launch your explorations of this naturally beautiful province.The Eastern Cape is blessed in its diversity. It begins just passed world renowned, tourist-popular, lushness of the Garden Route in the south and extends right up to the less populated but equally spectacular Wild Coast in the north.

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    The name of this province of South Africa clearly denotes it as home of the mighty Zulu kingdom. It has the busiest port, the regional capital of Durban, in Africa and a good rail network linking it to most Southern African countries. Beautiful beaches with warm Indian Ocean currents abound, so time spent catching a tan comes highly recommended. But, be warned the African sun is harsh on those who don’t wear sunscreen.KZN is blessed with a subtropical climate which has lead to the province being known as the Garden Province as it is green and verdant all year round.
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