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Eastern Cape Attractions

Eastern Cape Attractions

  • African Penguin Rehab Centre (SAMREC)
    We as humans have a duty on this Earth. Yes we have come a long way in our progress for communication and standards of living, but we have also done so at a price. It is believed that every day the world loses 18 species on its endangered list; these can be anything from a simple plant to a creat
  • Amathole Museum
    If you take a mildly long drive from Cape Town up the east coast, you are bound to be met with wonders of all shapes and sizes. That goes without saying. Past the surf and swell of
  • Sand boarding
    There is a large group of tourists who go out on a limb (literally sometimes) to push their body to the ultimate limits. Yes there are the surfers who brave 60 foot giants in Hawaii; there are the sky divers who jump out of planes and the mountains climbers who dare to devour the Himalayas bit by
  • Giant Pineapple
    Every one of us has a little bit of a child in them. It doesn’t matter how tight your tie sits around your neck, right in the back of your brain lays fantasies of all shapes and sizes from when you were just a little boy or girl, and wanted to see as much magic in the big world as possible. Down
  • The Valley of Desolation
    The Valley of Desolation is located in the Camdeboo National Park on the Eastern Cape in South Africa. It is a geological phenomenon and was declared to be a scenic national monument in 1935.
  • The Owl House
    The Owl House is an attraction in Nieu-Bethesda. Nieu-Bethesda is in Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is considered a museum.
  • Ben McDhui
    Ben McDhui is one of the few places in South Africa that a person can ski. Located on the Eastern Cape, Ben McDhui is the tallest peak the country at 3001 meters.
  • The Port Elizabeth Apple Express
    The Port Elizabeth Apple Express is the result of a May 1995 revival of the railroad that was constructed in 1903, to carry produce to Port Elizabeth and beyond, is the longest working Narrow Gauge railroad in Africa.
  • Hole In The Wall, Eastern Cape
    The ‘Hole In The Wall’ is a unique structure that is carved by nature on a detached cliff in the Coffee Bay of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. This detached cliff has a very big hole in the center that is created by millions of years of waves activities. During the seasons of high ti
  • Addo Elephant Park
    The Addo Elephant Park is situated in the Eastern Cape in the Sundays River region. It was originally established in the year 1931 with just 11 elephants and now the Addo Elephant Park has about 450 elephants. Apart from the elephant you can also spot rhinos, antelopes and cape buffalos. T
  • Seaview Lion and Game Park, Port Elizabeth
    Established in 1975, the Seaview Lion and Game Park, situated just outside of Port Elizabeth, has over the past 30 plus years dedicated itself to conservation, rehabilitation and education. The Park has a focus on its lions and their welfare. They are after all the main attraction.
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Eastern Cape Attractions
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